The Raj Shala Darpan portal was issued by the state government for schools. With this portal, every student and their parents can have information related to the school through an online medium sitting at home. This portal was released for the Rajasthan Education Department, it is a platform under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, which gives all the details of the school through the portal to the guardian of the girl students to support the government schools.

All the parents of the state can now have their child’s progress updated online at home. On the portal, you have been given complete information about Raj Shala Darpan School Login (shaladarpan), Staff, Students, Teacher Details, and every department and institution related to Rajasthan Education Department.

Raj Shala Darpan Rajsthaan

Scheme Name शाला दर्पण राजस्थान
started by the Government of Rajasthan
Department Government of Rajasthan School Education

Department Rajasthan Council of School Education

Benefits All the schools in the state, all the teachers, all the students,

And the right information for the employee related to education

Education-related services Available online
purpose Education Department to every citizen of Rajasthan

and giving all information related to education

and improve the field of education

State Rajasthan
official website http://rajshaladarpan.nic.in/


About Raj Shala Darpan Portal

Raj Shala Darpan is used in every school in the state, under the Raj Shala Darpan Portal (rajshaladarpan.nic.in), all kinds of information are released in the portal through online mediums, and information related to the teacher, student, and every information related to the school is made available in the portal. People of the state can use Raj Shala Darpan Portal to know information about any government and private school.

A very important part of the portal is in the field of education. In today’s time, education has an important contribution to everyone’s daily life. This important step was taken by the Department of Education for the field of education. Now common citizens can have all kinds of information related to education with the support of this portal. The field of education will have a new look under the Raj Shala Darpan portal.

Purpose of Raj Shala Darpan

Information will be given under the logo portal of the state to know information related to government schools. In the Shaala Darpan portal, all types of data related to the information of primary and secondary education students, academic and schools, and non-academic staff are kept life, information and technology will be attached through this facility.

And the field of education will be further progressed, all facilities are given to children through government schools, and free education is given to children in government schools.

Benefits of Raj Shala Darpan Portal Rajasthan

  1. All the information about the school will be available online through the Raj Shala Darpan portal.
  2. Through the portal, parents will be able to have all the information about their children through an online medium.
  3. Now you can have the information of all the employees of the school at home.
  4. This portal was released to further develop the field of education.
  5. Time is saved for the citizens of Rajasthan through this portal.
  6. All kinds of information related to education will be available online to the people of the state.

Raj Shala Darpan Portal Rajasthan

Details about whether the teachers through whom children are being taught in the schools are appointed by the department or not have also been made available to you on the portal. In order to avoid the problem related to cheating, the photos of the staff will also be available in the Raj Shala Darpan portal under the Secondary Education Department, under which the details of the teacher posted in the school will be available to all the parents from time to time. Details about necessary activities of the department, and permission of state orders will now be available in the school login process.

National Informatics Center (NIC) has prepared a list of posts and subjects of schools, students, and staff in the portal created with the help of Rajasthan technology.

Schools on Raj Shala Darpan

  1. Number of Sanskrit and other schools -1946
  2. Number of secondary schools-14791
  3. Number of primary schools-49299
  4. Total number of schools-66036

Staff on Raj Shala Darpan

  1. No. of Sanskrit and other teacher-0
  2. Number of teachers in secondary schools-245873
  3. Number of teachers in primary schools-184389
  4. Total number of teachers-430262

Students on Raj Shala Darpan

  1. Number of students in other Sanskrit schools– 197616
  2. Number of students in secondary schools-4853779
  3. Number of students in primary schools-3250459
  4. Total students -8301854

Raj Shala Darpan Login

To log in to Raj Shala Darpan School, you must follow the instructions given by us which are given below:-

  1. To log in, the applicant must first go to the Raj Shala Darpan Rajasthan official website.
  2. After visiting the website, the home page will come up on your screen.
  3. On the home page, you will see the option to log in, now you can click on this option.
  4. After clicking on the option, a new page will show up on your screen, in the new page you will find the login form.
  5. Now you have to type down all the information asked in the form.
  6. After entering all the information, you have to tap on the login option.
  7. After the login process is complete, you can have all the information related to your school online.

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